Connect your Woocommerce Store

You can connect your WooCommerce store with Revamp CRM through a few simple steps as an eCommerce platform:

 1) First, you need to install the plugin of Revamp CRM. You can find the plugin at:

Or you can search for 'Revamp CRM' under plugins screen on your WooCommerce website.

2) After installation, press on the activate button.

3) Go to plugins <installed plugin, then you will find Revamp plugin "click on settings". 

4) Enter your email and your API key then click on save all changes. 

5) Then store settings will appear, enter the required data. 

6) Then the word Sync will appear and it will start to sync automatically.


  • Make sure that the number of products and orders are correct.
  • Revamp CRM sales counts all "paid" and "pending payment" orders. However, WooCommerce only considers paid orders as sales. 
  • WooCommerce "Gross Sales" is equal to "Total Sales" in Revamp CRM. However, Revamp CRM "Gross Sales" is equal to "Total Sales" in addition to "Discounts".

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