Connect your BigCommerce Store

As we have mentioned our BigCommerce integration announcement, we created an article to make it easy for you to integrate your eCommerce store on BigCommerce and Revamp CRM.

Follow the below screenshots to complete your integration.


1) On BigCommerce App Store page click on;  Get It Now button.

2) Now  Confirm and navigate to the following page.

3) Create a password for your new Revamp CRM account and click on “ Start 14 days Free trial”

We’re now importing all your data to Revamp CRM account, click  Go to Revamp CRM.

4) You'll be directed to your Store Analytics screen, where you can see all your sales, orders, products and more through different time frames as shown below.

Now your store data products, categories, orders, and sales are successfully integrated with Revamp CRM. And all your contacts have been imported & Ready work with. 

Note: Make sure to Allow Revamp CRM Desktop notifications, that way you'll always get alerted whenever we sync an order or update a customer.

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