Commerce CRM Overview

Revamp CRM has a deep integration and automatic sync with the top eCommerce platforms Shopify , BigCommerce , and WooCommerce .

eCommerce Analytics: 

Revamp CRM automatically provide 5 store reports, Customers, Products, Sales, Sales Channels, and Campaign.

Through eCommerce reports and analytics, you can easily find your best customers, identify your top spenders, loyal customers, and repeated ones. Also, you can see your revenue breakdown and lost revenues, track your abandoned carts, cancelled orders. It allows you to track your sales, refunds, and carts across all sales channel. 

eCommerce Behavioral Segmentation:

After connecting your store, we automatically create customer segments based on their shopping behaviour. You can also use our eCommerce Filters to create and save customized segments for reuse, and because Segments are dynamic, they will remain up to date in real-time so you're always looking at the right set of customers. You can use these segments for remarketing on other platforms like Mail Chimp or send emails directly from Revamp CRM .

eCommerce Email marketing: 

You can send personalized emails based on each customer name, orders, products, and much more. You can choose to send a one time campaign or use our pre-built marketing automation templates to send a sequence of emails to boost AOV and win back customers. 

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