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Note: This article is about segmenting your business customers into groups based on selected criteria and filters. You can read about eCommerce segmentation here.

Contact Reporting

Pre-built segments

How to create a segment

Sales Filters

Contact Reporting:

Creating meaningful customer reports is an important part of any CRM system. In Revamp CRM you can easily know more about your contacts, leads and organization, by creating different Segments and keeping track of each segment sales activities.

What is a segment and how to create it?

A segment is a dynamic collection of contacts which are grouped based on a specific criterion you set. Meaning that contacts that match this criterion will be automatically added to the segment and those that don't will be excluded from it automatically. 

You can create multiple Segments each with its unique set of criteria and filters. For example, customers with multiple orders, customers in a City, customers who used a coupon, are all different segments that will give you insights about your business. Revamp CRM also makes it easier by providing you with pre-built segmentation categories that help you classify your customers hassle-free.

Here are some pre-built contact reports - or as we call it "Segments" - that you want to use inside Revamp CRM.

Pre-built segments:

Are ready-made sets of segments defined by different conditions and filters provided by Revamp CRM. 

All you need to do is to import your customer database and enjoy our immediate segmentation based on actual, website, and email behavior. It’ll remain up to date in real-time so you’re always looking at the right set of customers.

Using pre-built segments

After you import your customers data base, go to Segments > Segments. All the segments appearing on the page are the pre-built ones. 

All Contacts

All Organizations

All Leads: Customers with contact stage = lead

Open Deals Contacts and more.

How To create a segment:

Go to  Customers > PeopleAdvanced Filters on the left side

In Sales plan, your list of segments will show you stats of Won Deals, Lost Deals and In Progress Deals of customers in that segment.

Or you can navigate to Segments > Create Segment.

1- Specify a certain time frame, or click All.

2- Choose whether to see customers who match all filters or any of the filters that will be selected later.

3- Start selecting from a list of filters, each filter has its own metrics, for example, you can select: 

Customer City > Contains > Queens

4- After specifying your criteria, click  Apply. 

5- Add a Reminder to the segment: Name your New Segment and set a reminder to interact with the customers in this segment. You can also choose a picture from our unique avatars to be able to better recognize your segments.

6- Finally, if you go back to the Segments page, here's your new  Segment created. 

Sales Filters:

eCommerce filters allow you to segment customers geographically, last contact made and much more. You can create customer segments using multiple filters.

By Customer

  • Accepts Marketing
  • Added Since
  • Assigned to
  • City
  • Contact stage
  • Contact type
  • Email
  • Score
  • Keywords
  • Zip code 
  • and more

By Deals

  • Deal Stage
  • Deal Status

By Tasks

By Custom Fields

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