Meetup and Revamp CRM Integration

Connect your CRM to your social network, and add contacts directly from your Meetup account to your FREE contact relationship management tool.

You can also use our Lead Clipper plugin to capture all any contact information back to your CRM and we will automatically create a new contact profile in your CRM.

Key Features:

  • Stop wasting your time with data entry and add all your contacts and leads from Meetup to your CRM account in a minute.
  • keep all of your communications visible in one place.
  •  You can use our Smart BCC email any time you send or receive a message from a Revamp CRM Lead or Contact, and we will attach a copy of the communication to their profile.
  • Our Lead Clipper plugin makes it easy to capture your contact information back to Revamp CRM

Connect CRM with Meetup:

A super easy way to add your existing Meetup Contacts to your RevampCRM Contacts.

In your  Dashboard, Go to> Customers> click on>Add>then>Import contacts and finally click on  Meetup  icon.


Navigate to  Integration icon, a page with all your Integration List will appear. click on the Meetup icon.

save image

You will be directed to log in to your  Meetup account.

You can add all your contacts or choose a single group. To add contacts from Meetup.> Click  Import.

Congratulations! Your Meetup contacts are now part of your RevampCRM Contacts.

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