Google Calendar Integration

In today's business world, we understand how Google Apps can help you solve many business challenges. That's why we provide the most powerful integration with Google Calendar and other Google Apps to help you:

  • Have an efficient sharing and collaboration system.
  • Have more secured data.
  • Access anywhere, anytime you have an internet connection.
  • Sync your Google Calendar to your CRM so that you can always access what's important to you.

Google Calendar and Revamp CRM sync:

RevampCRM gives you the ability to synchronize your tasks automatically with your Google Calendar (please note: not Google Tasks under Gmail), and you can view them under Calendars in RevampCRM. 

How to set up your Google Calendar integration?

  • In your Dashboard, Navigate to the Tasks&calendar on the top menu bar.

Your CRM Calendar will open, to get started, click on Sync Google calendar&contacs button in your Calendar view in RevampCRM. Once you click it.

you will be asked to authorize RevampCRM access to Google Calendar.

You'll be navigated to your calendar page inside the app to view your data" please note it might take some time depending on your data".

  • After you set up the Google Calendar sync, your RevampCRM tasks will sync with Google.
  • FAQs:

    -How often does the sync occur?
    The Google Contact sync occurs every 12 hours.

    -If I add or update a Task in Google Calendar, will that Task be added to my Revamp CRM Calendar?
    Yes, Whenever you add a Task in Google Contacts, it will be synced to your Revamp CRM Calendar.

    -If I delete a Task in Google will it be deleted in Revamp CRM Calendar?

    No, if you deleted a Task in your Google Calendar we will not delete it from Revamp CRM.

    -If I add a Task to Revamp CRM, will it be added to my Google Calendar?
    Yes, if you add a Task to Revamp CRM, it will appear in your Google Calendar.

    -If I update or delete a Task in Revamp CRM, will it be deleted in my Google Calendar?
    No, we will never delete any of your Google Calendar Tasks.

    ou set up the Google Calendar sync, your RevampCRM tasks will sync with Google.

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