Constant Contact Integration - Revamp CRM

A super easy way to import your existing Constant Contact address book to your RevampCRM contacts. You can link your Revamp CRM account with your Constant Contact account to have two-way sync between them.

Key Features:

  • Export all or part of your contacts and leads to the Constant Contact list.
  • Export a Revamp CRM List to a Constant Contact mailing list.
  • Import all of your Constant Contact contacts into Revamp CRM
  • Two-way sync between a Revamp CRM list and a Constant Contact list:
    • Runs every 12 hours
    • Revamp CRM is the source of truth i.e. you need to delete a contact in Revamp to be deleted in Constant Contact. However, a new contact in Constant Contact will be added to Revamp and vice versa.
    • Newly imported contacts will have a 'Constant Contact' tag.
  • Smart Segmentation tool helps you to automatically segment your contacts with one click.
  • Have a 360 view of every contact to help you send better-personalized Campaigns.

Constant Contact and CRM integration:

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