Harvest Integration - Revamp CRM

Harvest integration in Revamp CRM will help you to easily track and manage payments, invoices & history.

What we offer you:

Revamp CRM gives you the ability to synchronize your contacts and Invoices with your Harvest account as:

  • We sync twice a day to add your Harvest contacts, invoices and update their status.
  • If your contacts don't exist in your Revamp CRM account, we will automatically add them to your contacts.
  • We will import all your invoices and attach them to the relevant Revamp CRM contact profile.
  • Your invoices status will get updated according to changes in your Harvest account.
  • We will remind you to send an email or make a contact when an invoice is overdue.
  • You can use our contact management tools and filters to easily segment contacts with the overdue invoice, paid the invoice or any other invoicing status.

Harvest integration with Revamp CRM:

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