eCommerce Store Integration - Revamp CRM

Revamp CRM and Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce integrations help you Connect your store to a CRM that is specially designed for eCommerce store owners.

You can automate all your sales segmentation and marketing activities on one system.

Key Features:

  • CRM tailored for eCommerce store owners 
  • Real-time sync with your customers, orders, products, and collections.
  • Easily segment your customers based on the last time they bought, how many times they bought, how much they have spent, and much more. 
  • CRM tools to help you have a better relationship with your contacts and send better-personalized emails and campaigns.
  • 360 contact profile to help you know each contact orders and purchase history.
  • Have targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Easy Marketing Automation with eCommerce Best Practices Automation built in and ready to work with a click.
  • Attractive email templates to help you save your time when sending to your abandoned carts or top customers.

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