Zopim Live Chat Integration - Revamp CRM

As a small business owner, you need to have a sustainable sales growth, and you can only achieve your goal by having the best tools to help you excel at managing your Contacts and Leads.

Revamp CRM help you store everything about a contact in one place, including Emails, Deals, Tasks and also Website Chats.

Key Features:

  •  Save every single conversation you had with a customer automatically, with no need for data entry.
  •  Know your customers better with a 360 Contact profile, where your Website Chats will be stored with you Contact's Emails, Tasks and Deals.

What we offer you:

  • Revamp CRM gives you the ability to import your contacts with offline messages and chats from your Zopim account. 
  • We sync twice a day to import your Zopim contacts and chats information. 
  • We will import all your chats and attach them to the relevant Revamp CRM contact profile. 
  • Show 1) Chat info 2) A link to Zopim original chat 3) Visited URLs, in RevampCRM Contact notes. Notes are easily searchable in RevampCRM 
  • Zopim Country into RevampCRM contact country 
  • Zopim visitor note into RevampCRM contact background 

Note: requires Zopim Advanced plan or higher (to have access to Zopim REST API).

Zopim Integration with Revamp CRM:

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