Google Contacts Integration - Revamp CRM & Google Apps

In today's business world, we understand how Google Apps can help you solve many business challenges. That's why we provide the most powerful integration with Google Contacts and other Google Apps to help you:

  • Have an efficient sharing and collaboration system.
  • Have more secured data.
  • Access anywhere, anytime you have an internet connection.

Sync your Google Contacts to your CRM so that you can always access what's important to you.

  • How Does the Google Contacts Sync Work?
  • How often does the sync occur? 

The Google Contact sync occurs every 24 hours.

  • If I add or update a contact to Google, will that contact be added to my Revamp CRM account?

Yes, Whenever you add a contact in Google Contacts, it will be synced to your Revamp CRM account.

  • If I delete a contact in Google will it be deleted in Revamp CRM?

No, if you deleted a contact in your Google Contacts we will not delete it from Revamp CRM.

  • If I add a contact to Revamp CRM, will it be added to my Google Contacts?

Yes, if you add a contact to Revamp CRM, it will appear in your Google Contacts account.

  • If I update or delete a contact in Revamp CRM, will it be deleted in my Google Contacts?

No, we will never delete any of your Google contacts. This also means that if a contact is modified in Revamp CRM these modifications will not extend to Google Contacts.

  • After connecting Google Contacts to Revamp CRM, I deleted all of my contacts in Revamp CRM, how can I trigger that "initial" sync again so all of my Google Contacts are pulled into Revamp CRM?

After the initial sync with Google, Revamp CRM will sync to update all of your contacts from your Google Contacts account every 24 hours. So don't worry, just wait for 24 hours and your Google Contacts will be pulled into Revamp CRM. 

  • Do the Revamp CRMtags/Google contact group names sync?

No, when a contact is added from Google, its automatically tagged with "Gmail" Tag. This will help you easily identify contacts came from your Google Contacts. And you can easily use our Smart Filters to add them to a List or a Segment and we will remind you to follow-up frequently, and Create an Email Marketing Campaign or Automation.

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