Customer Acquisition - Channels

Track your sales, refunds, and carts across all sales channel.

For viewing this report navigate to Store Analytics > Sales channel.
It is a simple way to divide your sales according to their source.
Report includes:
  • By Sales Channels: Shows the name of the channel or app that the customer used to place their order, such as Online Store or Buy Button. For sales that originated as draft orders, the report shows Draft Orders. If an app that has no name was used, then the report shows Other.  

  • By Referring Domain:  Shows your sales based on the specific site that your customers are coming from.
  • By Payment Method/Type: the way/source in which an amount of money is paid for example, by cash, credit card, manual ,etc
  • By Country: From where the paying transactions come from.
Report shows:
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Revenue
  • AOV
  • Repeated or not
  • Refunds 
You can use our filters to get a report on a specific date or filter by a period of time as shown.

Revamp 's Sales analysis gives you the insights you need to dissect every aspect of your sales process. It gives you full info about factors such as customers, products, sales channels, and more for better sales tracking.

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