Customer Acquisition - Campaigns (Shopify only)

Note: Campaigns Analytics report is available for Shopify users only. Revamp CRM extracts it from the landing URL property stored with your order.

For viewing this report navigate to Store Analytics >  Campaigns

You can use the Campaigns Analytics to see how effective your marketing campaigns are and to learn about your conversions.

The marketing reports can help you understand what leads shoppers to your online store and what converts them into paying customers. The reports can show which of your marketing channels are resulting in the highest number of customers and the customers of the highest value, based on their interactions with your online store.
The reports summarize information from all marketing channels. 

By Campaign: Shows the name that you gave the campaign when you set it up.

 By SourceThe name of the referrer, such as Google, Facebook, or Pinterest.

For direct sources, if the referrer can't be determined, then the name is shown as N/A. This can occur for many reasons, such as the following situations:
  • The user’s web browser has Do Not Track enabled.
  • The referrer data is blocked by a proxy or firewall.
  • A shortened URL was used as the link.

By Medium: Indicates how the customer who placed an order reached your online store. Possible values are:

  • Direct: The customer entered your store's URL into their browser.
  • Email: The customer clicked a link to your store in an email.
  • Social: The customer clicked a link on social media.
  • Unknown: The referrer source doesn't fit into one of the above cases.
  • Search: The customer clicked your store from a search engine's results page.

You can use our filters to get a report on a specific date as shown.

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