Sales Team - Stores (Shopify only)

Note: Stores Analytics report is available for Shopify users only.

For viewing this report navigate to Store Analytics > Branches

If you have a Shopify store, you can set up multiple POS locations, so that you can track your inventory and fulfill orders at different locations. Revamp CRM connects with your Shopify POS and produces a simple report including:
By location: The name of the location where your POS terminal is.
By User: The name of the individual staff member who processed the sale.
Report shows:
  • Total count of customers
  • Total count of orders
  • Revenue & Revnue % 
  • AOV (Average order value)
  • Repeated Customers & Repeated % 
  • Refunds & Refunds %
You can use our filters to get a report on a specific date or filter by a period of time as shown.

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