Sending a Newsletter / Campaign

Revamp CRM makes it super easy to manage email marketing campaigns and track open, click rates to rate engagement level.

Newsletters are a one-time email which can be sent immediately or could be scheduled to be sent later on time to a group of contacts at once. 

How to send a Newsletter or a Bulk Email?

When can you choose a segment or a list while sending a Newsletter?

How to send a Newsletter or a Bulk Email?

In the main navigation bar, click on  Newsletter > Create Newsletter. You will be navigated to the 4 step campaign Wizard.
Step 1: Choose a list or segment you want to send your Newsletter to.
Step 2: Add a Name for you to identify this Newsletter and the Subject of the email your customers will get as well as a few other options.
Note: You can change the "From Email" in Campaigns and mass email only.
The BCC Email field helps keep a copy of this Newsletter attached to your contact profile communication history.
Step 3: Create the email. You can create the content and design from scratch or use Revamp's pre-built templates or one of your own email templates. For more about email templates, . You can edit a template's design and text and even Send Test Email to ensure it turns out perfectly.
Step 4: Here you can Start your Newsletter right away. Note, however, that a Newsletter can't be edited once it starts. (Or you can schedule it for later.)
You will get a confirmation your campaign will be sent shortly.
  • You can find your Newsletter by going to Marketing > Newsletters

  • Here's the BCC email that will help you keep a copy of the newsletter that is attached to the contact profile: 

save image

  • If your Newsletter has started, clicking on it shows you details about how many contacts it has reached, how many opened and how many clicked through it as well as other important details.

  • You cannot delete a Newsletter. Every Newsletter you created will be visible so you can keep track of your email quota, also it helps you know your marketing history so you can always improve your ways and check what once worked and what didn't.
    -You can only edit a Newsletter if it is scheduled for a future date. Once you set it to start, it can't be edited anymore.
    - To edit a Newsletter go to Newsletter > Newsletters. Click on the name of the Newsletter you wish to edit and you will enter the 4 steps wizard again where you can edit everything. Use the tabs above to navigate between steps in the wizard.

When can you choose a segment or a list while sending a Newsletter?

Revamp CRM offers you super easy steps to create Email Marketing through Newsletter or Automation for your business through a practical wizard. On the very first step, you will be asked to choose whether you would like to direct your email marketing campaign to contacts in a List or in a Segment.

  • Segment: is a dynamic group of your contacts which you create by setting different conditions and filters so that contacts match those conditions while filters regularly update the Segment. That means it’ll remain up to date in real-time so you’re always looking at the right set of customers. 

    When to use it: 
    For eCommerce: If you have an Online store, Revamp CRM will automatically create different segments of your customers, those segments are your New Customers, Customers with Abandoned Carts, Customers with order in the past 24 hours, Inactive customers who didn't make a purchase in the past 6 months and much much more. 

    For small business: you can automatically set a segment of customers with a certain score, or in a contact stage, that way whenever a customer matches the segment criteria, email marketing effort will be automatically applied to him.
  • List: is a way to help you identify and sort your key relationships into different categories. It works as a static group of your contacts which you manually add contacts to or delete contacts from and does not automatically update.

    When to use it: The best way to use lists is when you need to focus your effort on a certain group of people, they might be your Hot Leads or Loyal customers.

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