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Revamp CRM makes it easy and rather attractive to keep in touch with your different clients through newsletters. You can promote whatever you want using one of our pre-built templates, that helps you increase your efficiency and even better you can create your own templates and add them to your collection.

Click on  Newsletters > Email Templates

Here you will find all our pre-built templates complete with content and design. We also inserted by default the appropriate dynamic tags in the email body, this way you'll always be sending a personalized and customized email to each customer.

Email Template Types

Here is the difference between Marketing, eCommerce, and Follow-up Templates:

Marketing Templates 
Are about marketing your product or service.

eCommerce Templates (Available only for eCommerce plan)
Are ready-made templates tailored for online store usage, from sending abandoned cart reminder or product recommendations email, you can find them all in here with dynamic tags inserted in the email body so each customer will receive a personalized message.

Follow-up Templates: Are ready-made templates tailored for sales teams who wish to follow-up with potential leads or keep in touch with loyal customers.

Edit system email templates (predefined)

Note: You can't edit or change our system ready-made email templates, you can only edit them when you create a new Newsletter, in the email builder the third step inside the wizard, here you can edit the email templates to best suit your business needs and use your own logo and business keywords.

Note: Only Owner, Admin, and Manager can view Templates page & edit them.

By clicking on their names you can only view them. 

  • To use the templates, navigate to Newsletters > Create Newsletter. 
  1. Go through the 4 steps of Newsletter wizard. 
  2. On step 3, "Compose Message", click on the dropdown menu associated with 'Choose Template' and pick the fitting one. 
  3. You can edit the template's text, font, colors as well as add your logo for the most customized and comfortable Newsletter creation. You can also Send Test Email to ensure your Newsletter is perfectly refined.

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