Email Marketing FAQs

Email Marketing in Trial

Test Email & Dynamic Tags

Change the "From" address

How it is counted?

How to add more email credits?

Why my email is not being sent?

Most Common Spam Filter Triggers

Email Marketing in Trial

In Trials, email quota is restricted to 100 emails. 

You cannot send mass emails during your trial. you can only send one-to-one email. 

Test Email & Dynamic Tags

Dynamic tags are not replaced in Test email. But they are replaced in actually sent emails.

Change the From Address

You can change the "from" address in campaigns/newsletters only. Other than that we use your account email.

How it is counted?

One Email Credit is needed per email sent to an email address.


In Addition to monthly email credits per plan mentioned. Note that you have to be on a paid plan to purchase additional quota.

If you want to add extra email credits, note that we support adding 5000 extra email credits for per account for $8, this credit never expires until it is all used up. no extra costs will be charged.

Note: Only Account Owner can purchase email credits.

How to add more email credits?

1- Go to settings

2- Scroll down until you find buy Subscription info

3- Upgrade to get more.

4- Confirm payment.

Why my email is not being sent?

If you're experiencing any trouble with sending an email, below are some of the common problems that you may be facing:

Automation runs every hour to check for new customers:

A Segment is always updated in real time so you will always be looking at the right group of customers matching your segment criteria. However, Marketing Automation running on any segment is hourly updated, which means that every hour, Automation check the segment to add new customers to its workflow.

Your Segment Criteria applies to no one:

Check if the Segment has any customers in it. Just go to  Customers > Segments and check whether any contacts are placed in it. 

Check Stats for your Automation Steps:

Check the running Automation (the one you created, for example, for order follow-up).

If the Automation has any emailing steps with zero stats, then the Segment might have been empty at the time the step was scheduled to run.

If the Automation has any steps with non-zero stats, you need to Contact Us. 

A customer doesn't Accept Marketing:

Check if your customer opted in for marketing. Customers tend to unchecked the “Accept Marketing” checkbox during checkout. In Shopify, Big-commerce, or Woo-commerce Admin, please check the  Customers > Accepts marketing tab. This lists your customers who opted-in to receive marketing emails.

Most Common Spam Filters Triggers

  • Spam filters can be triggered by sloppy code, extra tags, or code 
  • Make sure your subscribers have opted-in to receiving your emails.
  • Subject is all capitals
  • HTML and text parts are different
  • HTML has a low ratio of text to image area

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