Sales CRM Overview (Videos)

An overview of Contacts and Leads management on the Revamp CRM software

Managing Contacts, Leads & Organizations.

Working with contacts

Working with Deals

Sales Follow-up

Managing your daily tasks

Sales Reports

1) Managing Contacts, Leads & Organizations:

Revamp CRM helps you manage contacts and leads and directly reach out to them. You can set automated tasks or reminders for following up with leads for the utmost efficiency and productivity for your business.

This video shows you how to:

  • Import. Contacts and leads can be synced with Google Contacts, or imported from a previous CRM if you're migrating, or imported from a CSV or XLS file.
  • Tag. Add and remove tags to better manage and organize your contacts database 
  • List. Create contact lists and set up reminders so you can follow-up with  each group of leads and turn them into customers
  • Segment. Use dynamic segments to better sort contacts with similar characteristics to different groups                                         

2) Working with a single contact in your Revamp CRM account:

Our dynamic contact profile helps you get a complete picture of each individual sales lead or customer

This video shows you how to:

  • Notes. Add notes to a contact profile, and later  you can search your contact database by notes
  • Files. You can attach files or add cloud files from Google Drive directly to a contact’s profile
  • Deals. Keep a record of won, lost and in progress deals inside each contact profile
  • InvoiceManage your customer invoices by using our simple built-in invoicing system and keep track of each invoice status or you can easily connect your accounting software - FreshBooks or Harvest - to your customer profile
  • Tickets. Add tickets using our built-in helpdesk system or you can easily and enable helpdesk integrations with Zendesk or Freshdesk
  • Tasks. Create Tasks
  • Editing. Edit a contact's profile

3) A Clear Overview of Your Deals inside a visual pipeline:

Business deals are the drivers of success for any company. This is why Revamp has got you covered when it comes to managing your deals. You can add, delete or edit deals as well as have an overview of your won or lost deals to improve future performance. Our app displays your business deals in different ways and helps you break a deal into timely and orderly stages. Now, managing deals will no longer be a hassle and you can focus on growing your business.

This video shows you how to:

  • Different views. View your deals in the visual sales pipeline view, timeline view and list view
  • Deals stages and Naming. Change the name of deal stages and tailor your deal pipeline to whatever suits your business needs, and then you can move your deals forward by easily drag and drop
  • NotesAdd notes to your deals without leaving your deal pipeline view at its different stages
  • Emails. Send Emails to customers from within the deal pipeline
  • Deleting and Editing. Delete and edit individual deals
  • DealLists.Learn how to use filters to know more about your deals
  • Tasks. Assign tasks to each deal and know in a glance which deals have no upcoming task, and which has an overdue one.
  • FilesAdd relevant files to deals
  • Sales Reports.Gather insights from the Deals Pipeline
  • Customize. Setup, change currency, add products, change sales region and add sources to different deals
  • Export. Export your deals to CSV or spreadsheets

4) Sales Follow-up:

No more falling out of touch. No more missed opportunities. Revamp CRM reminders help you stay in touch with your leads and build strong relationships.

This video shows you how to:

  • OrganizeCreate different Lists and Segments based on customers characteristics or shopping behaviour
  • RemindersSet reminders to notify you to contact leads in a list at a certain time
  • Filters. Add customers to lists manually or using smart filters
  • Follow upUse Revamp CRM for sales follow-ups by sending emails, or start a marketing automation
  • Snooze. Snooze, complete or delete reminders

5) Keep Track of Your Daily To-do with our Tasks view:

Enjoy every minute of selling with our intuitive, user-friendly and modern  Tasks view.

Tasks help get your day started by showing you today’s tasks, notifications and progress.

This video shows you how to:

  • Notifications. Use Tasks to check notifications and sync different apps
  • Review. Check the status of tasks as well as send emails
  • Follow up. Manage tasks, follow up and add notes to customers in just a few clicks

6) Get a 360-degree view of your sales performance with our Comprehensive Sales Reports:

Sales by User

Sales by Source

Sales by Region

Sales by Product

Sales Funnel

Sales reports ensure you’re always on top of your sales. The Revamp CRM reports introduced in the video display your sales from many different angles and sort it into different categories. This way, you save the time and effort of manually making reports and focus on reviewing and making improvements instead. 

This video shows you how to:

  • Manage. View and manage sales insights in according to the product, region, person, time-frame, and source
  • Internal analysis. Identify each salesperson user's contributions to sales
  • Monitor deals. Utilize the sales funnel report to comprehensively monitor sales deals
  • Improve performance. Use the sales reports to improve the future performance of team members

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