Customize Menu

Note: Menus are different based on your subscription plan.

Click on Settings from the top menu

From the list on the left of the page, choose Menu as shown in the image below

Choose which tabs you want to Show or Hide and click Save

Note: only "Owner" , "Admin" & "Manager" Can change menu display as well as exporting data while the "User" user role cannot export any data or Customize Menu.

save image

Store Analytics (eCommerce plans only): Has all related store analytics and reports, it contains the store Sales, Products revenue, Abandoned Cart report and much more.

Customers: Manage your customers (people, leads or organizations), also create different lists to know your customers better.

Segments: Create and manage your customer's segments

Deals (Sales plans only): manage all your deals with different stages, pipelines, and currencies.

Tasks: You can manage your internal operations and assign tasks to your team members

Calendar: Check your personal calendar, sync tasks from Google Calendar and publish your calendar to Outlook.

Deals Reports (Sales plans only): track all of your deals by different dimensions (Viewed only by 'owner' , 'Admin' , 'Manager').

Newsletters:  Create and monitor your Newsletters/Email Campaigns.

Automation:  create and monitor your Automation and save time.

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