Searching in Revamp CRM/ Smart Filters

Reliable Searching

Smart Filters

Reliable Searching:

Searching for any piece of data on Revamp CRM is lightning fast: 

Just type in the search bar at the top of the screen.

You can always use the normal search box in the top menu bar to find contacts, deals,organizations and even notes & emails you have stored in your account. Just start typing the name of the record you’re after for example and see the results pop up.

You can choose to see results in all categories, or you can use the tab to narrow it down just to the specific type (Contacts, Deals, Organizations or Notes/Emails).
These are some of the things you can search for to find contacts:
  • Street Address
  • Town
  • City
  • Postal/ZIP code (you need to remove any spaces for this to work)
  • Phone number (after typing 5 digits or more)
  • Custom text fields (however you do need to enter the full value - Capsule can’t find results based on partial custom field values)
  • The ‘About’ section on all contacts, organizations or deals
  • The names of files attached to contacts, organizations or deals
Searching Tips:
  • Currently if you use an ampersand (&) when searching it will not be recognized. Which means that if you search for H&M Store then Revamp CRM will show you results for anything with an H in it as opposed to just the contact for ‘H&M Store’.
  • When typing a name, auto-complete feature will help you find your results fast.
  • When searching for names for example "John Smith", if you type smith j or j smi nothing will match.

Smart Filters:

For advanced search, use smart filters in the Customers page to filter results using certain criteria. 

  • From here you can click on Tag or type a Name to get filtering right away by the tags applied to your contacts or by their name. To add more filters, click the Advanced Search option. You can add a filter for anything recorded against your contacts including email address, custom fields or when contacts were last updated.
  • You can combine multiple filters as well if you keep using the option for Advanced Search. Each added filter has an implicit AND between itself and any other filter used.
  • Each filter condition has its own set of “operators”.
  • For example - when filtering for a text field you can use is or contains while if you’re filtering for a last cart date field you can use within or greater.

Revamp CRM offers you a great way to segment your customers by information related to your business.   

Here are some of the filters inside the Advanced your contacts according to:

  Date Last contacted, added or updated.

  Team members assigned to those contacts.

  E-Commerce Status Complete set of filters that helps you manage, organize and segment your customers.

  Business Status (Has Deals, Has Bought, Has Tasks and Score).


  Custom Fields you have created.

   Country and City


After you configure your filters, click on  Apply and voila, you are looking at the right segment you need to work with.

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