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With Revamp CRM, Get an All-Encompassing 360-degree View of Your Store.

Revamp CRM's Store Analytics is the best store analysis tool you'll find. With our real-time syncing, Revamp CRM is always up to date with your store's status. It allows you to get a complete overview of your store and breaks it down into simple and manageable parts. You can check out the total sales , orders and total customers along side with a seperate products and categories you have, orders made as well as your best selling products. You can view all this data according to different time-frames as well. 

The top of the  order & products  page looks like this. You'll find your store's name, chart that shows customersproducts, orders, and categories

On the left, you'll find your store's total sales and orders as well as average order value. Of course, you can view this according to the different time frame tabs. 

You can view your sales growth in orderly charts and understand percentages in colourful graphs.

On the left , you'll find all the data you need about abandoned carts including abandonment rate and abandoned revenue.  On the right you’ll find your cancelled orders & customers count & it’s value.

Here, you'll get a visual of your best selling products in revenue and have them ranked. 

Beside of the  Store Analytics page, you'll get all the detailed information you need to manage your business. 

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