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Reminders and Notifications

Top Spenders


Revamp CRM presents some very essential settings with which you can manage your account and get the most of it.

Account Settings can be managed only by Owner & Admin user roles.

Navigate to  Settings Account.

1. General Settings

 Let you change many of the items that control how your account is displayed, such as the title, currency, time zone, owner role, industry, mailing address etc….

2. Branding

Customizing your profile and including your logo and your personalized color scheme to have your account matching your brand.

3. Reminders and Notifications

Account notifications to control which reminders are sent to your account users. We offer you several ready-made reminders to select directly from.

4. Top Spenders

Identify the criteria you want your Loyal Customers segment to be selected based on.

Note: This option is only visible and available for eCommerce plan and to the Owner user role.

5. Language support

Revamp CRM is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic languages at the moment, with German and Portuguese planned soon. 

If there’s a particular language you’d like to see Revamp CRM in, definitely let us know at

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