Revamp CRM and iCloud Integration

When signing up to our Contact Relationship Management FREE plan, you will be able to integrate tightly with your iCloud by easily importing all your contacts and leads.

Key Features:

  • Stop wasting your time with data entry and import all your contacts and leads from your iCloud to your CRM account in a minute.
  • keep all of your communications visible in one place.
  •  You can use our Smart BCC email any time you send or receive a message from a Revamp CRM Lead or Contact, and we will attach a copy of the communication to their profile.
  • Get a 360° view of your customers you can get a better insight of your lead or customer such as: did he open the email from my last campaign and much more.

  • Revamp CRM Email Marketing tool are empowered to make the best use of all the data you have managed to get form your leads or customers.

iCloud Integration and Revamp CRM integration:

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