Revamp allows you to connect your calendar to bring all events & tasks all in one place so you don't miss out anything.

Note: only one calendar can be synced to each account.

Go to Tasks and click on the Calendar icon in the image below:


The calendar is a view of all active tasks, upcoming, completed, and overdue. You can filter the view to a specific user or date.

Sync My Tasks with Google Calendar

Revamp CRM seamlessly synchronizes your Tasks to your Google Calendar, 

Note: we only bring your events from your Main Calendar.

Go to Tasks and choose Sync Google Calendar and Contacts as shown in the image below.

View Revamp CRM calendar inside your favorite apps:

If you use Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook 2007 (or later) or another application that supports iCalendar format you can subscribe to your tasks and view them on your calendar.

 This is a one-way feed from Revamp CRM to your calendar program. To update both Revamp CRM and your calendar, you need to add and update tasks in Revamp CRM.

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