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Your Revamp CRM Tasks help you keep on top of your to-do list. Learn how to set up a daily reminder email, create repeating tasks and subscribe to your task feed.

Task view

Follow-up Reminders

Task Reminder Email

How Do I Enable or Disable Reminders?

Who can manage tasks?

Adding tasks from an email


Task view:

Tasks are the tool you need to push your deals forward by never missing on calling a prospect, or sending the quotation email. 

You can add tasks to a Contact, an Organization, and a Deal. That way, wherever you are in Revamp CRM you'll see an overview of your Tasks, whether inside your contacts List, contact profile, Organizations list, Organization profile and the best of all, you'll find Tasks in your Deals Pipeline.

  • Color Code: You can identify your overdue and upcoming tasks inside Revamp CRM using colors:

    Red: is for overdue tasks

    Blue: is for today's tasks

    Grey: is for upcoming tasks 

  • Filters: 

    -By Status (Completed & To-Do)

    -Due on (All - Overdue - Today - Tomorrow - Next 7 Days-Last 7 days- Last month)

    -Type ( System Reminders - Call - Meeting - Email - Lunch - Task - Deadline)

-Assignee (All - Select a user)

-Plan ( All - Select a plan)

  • Bulk Actions: (Assign to - Delete Tasks - Mark as Done)

Follow-up Reminders:

After categorizing your contacts into Lists or Segments. You can create a follow-up reminder if no action happened with customers in those Lists or Segments for X days.

Reminders will automatically create a "Followup" task with each contact and will appear inside your Tasks view for you to take an action or send an email

Task Reminder Email:

. In your profile settings, choose  Reminders & Notifications to set when you would like Revamp CRM to send you a task reminder email & control which notification are sent to your users.

How Do I Enable or Disable Reminders?

Click on the  Settings On the Settings page, click on Reminders

  • Choose which Reminders you want to enable and click Save
  • You can choose to get a daily reminder email of the same daily tasks, get the reminder on your 'Tasks' page
  • Add reminders to 'Tasks' when a Deal passes its expected closure date

Who can manage tasks:

  • The Owner, Admin, and Manager: Can edit/create reminders and tasks. also can delete tasks.
  • User: Can only create and manage tasks on their assigned contacts, organizations and deals.

Adding tasks from an email:

All you need to do is to forward the email to Revamp CRM, a new task will be created and the email will be attached as a note to the customer. Keep in mind:

1) Use the email you signed up with Revamp CRM.

2) On the tasks, page click add then copy the link as shown on the task page Example address: todo-5c45ebfed40dd7022cd40d9b@box.revampcrm.com

3) If the customer is not in Revamp CRM we will automatically create a new customer.

4) The customer name is fetched from the name in " From" in the email thread as seen below.


Account notifications (under Settings) to control which reminders are sent to your account users. We offer you several ready-made reminders to select directly from.

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