Sales Settings


Sales Region

Deals Source

Deals Age

Pipelines & Stages

Sales settings are used to tailor your CRM to match your business deals and sales process.

You can find it by navigating to the gear icon next to your profile picture. On the left side menu, scroll until you find it under Sales


allows you to manage your products, add, delete or edit existing ones.

Sales Region

Add, edit or delete your top hot regions which you sell your products at.

Deals Source:

 Identify the key sources of your sales.

Deals age / Rotten Deals: 

Set your deal age to a specific number of days before they rotten to better going deals from dead deals. Also, set no recent activity window on the deal level or account level. 

Pipelines & stages:

customize your own pipeline stages with names.

Who Can Add & Edit Pipelines & Stages : Only (Owner, Admin) can add & edit in Pipelines & Stages.

Stages: There is a Fixed number of Stages in each Pipeline which is 'Five' Stages, You can only edit their names.

Multiple Pipelines: You get to create multiple pipelines, each with different names for deal stages.

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