Managing Deals (pipeline, forecast & list)

Revamp CRM provides you one of the most useful tools that will help you handle your deals efficiently in no time, so you can:

  • Filter the deals by their owner, region, source, product or expected closure date and manage them effortlessly.
  • Complete your workflow by Sending emails, adding notes, add/edit tasks. Have a quick view of the contact profile and deal history right in your pipeline.
  • Get rid of your rotten deals and Stay alerted to deals that need your attention the most. Receive email alerts for deals that need attention or past due date.

Pipeline view

Forecast view

List view - Lost Deals Report - Won Deals Report

Deals Summary

Multiple Sales pipelines and stages

Different currencies

Adding sent/received emails to deal

Re-assigning Deals

What's on the Deal Card?

How Can I See My Lost or Won Deals?

What are Rotten Deals?

Advanced Deal Filters

Export Deals

Import Deals

Deal Source, Product or Region


Pipeline view:

  • You can have an overview of your to-dos or next requested action know what's due today, what's overdue, and what is scheduled in the future  
    • Blue: Means Task is due today
    • Grey: Means Task is scheduled in the future
    • Yellow: Means There are no tasks assigned to this deal

    • Red: Means Task is overdue

  • You can easily move your deals through your pipeline view, simply drag and drop them from one column to another.
  • You can also drag your deal to be marked as lost or won deals:
  • In case of losing: you will be asked for a loss reason for future insights and offered email notification and follow-up tasks if you want.
  • In case of winning: you will be offered a winning note, email notification, a follow-up task, and an invoice creation if you want.

Forecast view:

  • Deal are grouped by quarter and you can see 4 quarters at a time. 

  • Scroll through time and filter as you like to compare past and current sales performance.    

List view - Lost Deals Report - Won Deals report:

This view lists all  Deals in a List View compiling all information. In the list view, you get to export your Deals and view Deal’s probability and forecast sale.

You get to filter your List view to show:

  • All Deals
  • In Progress Deals
  • Won Deals
  • Lost Deals

You can then export deals into Excel or CSV sheets.

Deals Summary:

Evaluate your team performance and know how well your sales processes are moving on.

Multiple Sales pipelines and stages:

Having multiple sales pipelines and stages enables you to customize Revamp CRM to your sales process whether you're selling products or services. You can customize both, sales pipelines and stages under  Settings > Sales > Pipeline and Stages. Or you click on settings in the pipelines drop down.

You can manage your multiple sales pipeline and stages as indicated below:

Note: Each sales pipeline has 5 sales stages. And you cannot delete a Sales Stage or add more than 5 sales stages.

Different Currencies:

You can select the currency to be used for each deal.

Note: sales reports are aggregated per currency.

Adding Sent/Received Emails to Deal:

An email can also be attached directly to a deal profile via the deal smart email. Simply copy the deal's smart email (which is a unique per deal) and forward the email to this email address and it will be attached to this deal.

Re-assigning Deals:

Note: Tasks already on the deal will not automatically be re-assigned when you change the owner of the deal. If you need to re-assign the tasks you would need to do that manually.

To reassign a deal to someone else, go to Deals > Choose a Deal > click the black arrow icon next to the deal name.

a Pop-up will appear, click on Advanced and select the new owner and save.

What's on the Deal Card?

You can find the user image on the Deal's card, this way you can know who's on your team has the most won, lost or in progress deals at a glance. Also, you can find contact name related to that deal is clickable so you can open contact card that has quick details about contact deals history. and you can open contact profile for more details. 

Actions on deal's card can be reached when clicking on Task. You can Add Note, Send Email, Add Tag , Add Task and Edit Deal without leaving the Deals Pipeline view.

How Can I See My Lost or Won Deals?

Revamp provides you with different deals views. We also allow you to show only the  wonlost or in progress deals on every view "Pipeline view, Timeline view, List view, and Deals Dashboard". Just click on the Deals menu.

Click on the drop-down menu in the image below, you can choose from Won, Lost or In Progress

What are Rotten Deals/Deal Age?

Rotten Deals are deals that have been open for more than a certain amount of time. You'll be able to tell a Rotten Deal straight from the Deals Pipeline by the red "rotten" icon on the left of a deal's name.

You can specify the time after which a deal goes rotten, by going under Settings > Sales > Deal Age. 

Advanced Deal Filters:

Revamp CRM offers you Advanced filters to sort your Deals and easily manage them.

Go to Deals and click on the Green Filter Icon on the top right side.This menu will appear allowing you to filter  Deals by:

  • Date created/closed
  • Expected Closure Date
  • Contact Type Person
  • Product
  • Sales Region
  • Deal Source as shown below.

Export Deals:

To export filtered deals, from the different Deals Views, choose the List view.

Choose which format you want your deals exported into, you can export deals by two formats (Excel or CSV). A file with all your deals will be downloaded.

Who Can Export Deals : Only Roles (Owner , Admin and Manager) can export deals.

Import Deals:

Deals regularly come with custom deal stages, which are used to visualize sales pipeline and to estimate future revenue. Revamp made it easier for you If you already have deals. You can import them by clicking on  import deals, as indicated below:

Import Deals Sample File : Sample Deals Import

It's recommended to first read our pre-import check list article.

Deal Source, Product or Region:

You can find out your deals source, Click the Gear Icon next to your profile picture. From the list on the left, click on  Deal Source. Add the source you want then it will appear in the deals tap inside every deal info. Click Save.
You can do the same for Product & Region.


Account notifications (under Settings) to control which reminders are sent to your account users. We offer you several ready-made reminders to select directly from.

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