Automation for Customer Segments

Follow-up Automation

Explore Needs Automation

Event Awareness Automation

Automated Business Workflows:

Automation aims to make business easier by creating an automatic sequence of actions for each segment or list that you specify. To create an Automation  navigate to Automations > Create Automation. This page allows you to use our pre-built Automation templates to create a business workflow in the blink of an eye. 

You can edit and reorganize the  Automation's steps from this page simply by clicking the Pencil Icon on the right of the Step you want to edit. Use the drop-down menu to specify the type of action you need automated. You can change the time and date of a task, note or score. 

Follow-up Automation:

We offer automation feature to save customers time and effort, this case will help you  to automate some of  your daily workflow routines in a smooth way  :

  • First create a segment  using our smart filters.
  • Create an Automation by heading to Automations > Create Automation.
  • Choose Custom or one of our pre-built Automations
  • Step 1: choose to assign a contact to user & choose any of your team members 
  • Step 2: Create a task for that user to follow up with customers
  •  Step 3: Add a note to attach to the customer profile
  • Step 4: Send an Email to contacts in the linked segment
  • Step 5: Add score to contacts based on their engagement with the sent email

Explore Needs Automation

if you are getting confused because of having a lot of customers deals and you want to manage your work by knowing if your customers are still interested or not : 

  • First create a  segment   using  our smart filters.
  • Create an Automation by heading to  Automations  > Create Automation.
  • Choose Custom or one of our pre-built  Automations.
  • Step 1: Send Email to customers to explore needs and find if they are interested in your deal. 
  •  Step 3: Remove from list or segment customers who didn't respond to email.
  • Step 2: Create a task for that user to follow up with customers responded to the email.

When you've started the  Automation, Revamp CRM provides you with analytics so you can monitor the process effortlessly. 

Event Awareness Automation

To market your upcoming event, you'll need a different type of Automation. A Date-Based Automation.

In  Date-Based Automation You choose a Central Date and all automation steps will run around the Central Date. For  example  if the event will take place on October the 5th. You set your central date to be October the 5th. and you will be required in each step to set trigger by number of Days/Hours Before/After the event date.

To Create a Date-based Automation:

    1. First create a  segment   using  our smart filters.
      Note: If you're sending a marketing campaign to all of your contacts, you can select the pre-built segment All Contacts.
    2. Head to  Automations  > Create Automation. Choose Event Awareness or any other date-based Automations in the image below.
    3. Add a Central Date, Link created  segment  to this Automation.
    4. Open Automation page, in Step 1,  choose  Send Email action. Click on Edit Email to add dynamic tags and choose an email template.
    5. Step 1: Send Email 3days "Before" the event
      Step 2: Send a reminder 1 day "Before" the event
      Step 3: Send a second reminder 0 days "Before/After" to send an email on the same day
      Step 4: Send a survey or follow-up email 3 days "After"

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