Migrating to Revamp CRM (Pre-import Checklist)

You can migrate all your data including organizations, contacts, deals, tasks, and notes to Revamp CRM by exporting data into CSV files and then importing sheets into Revamp CRM. Here are a few tips to help you have a smooth migration process. 

Pre-import checklist:

  • Create Custom Fields inside Revamp CRM for better mapping incoming data. You can use our custom fields to track extra contact details and map additional fields from web forms or CSV files
  • It's better to create User accounts for your team, that way contacts, leads, and organizations will stay assigned to the same team member. Just make sure team member name is exactly the same as it was in your old CRM.
  • Rename Contact Stage inside Revamp CRM to better map your data.
  • If you have contacts and organizations in one sheet, it's better to separate them into different sheets before importing to avoid any confusion. 
  • It's better to import the Organizations first before importing Contacts data.
  • Note: If you already imported people & organizations into Revamp CRM you can easily switch contact into an organization and the other way around from inside the Contact/Organization profile.
  • Rename Deal Stages inside Revamp CRM before importing your Deals CSV data file. 
  • If you are importing Deals that are coming from different pipelines, then you need to first create multiple pipelines inside Revamp CRM, make sure pipeline names match exactly the ones in your spreadsheets. That way all your deals will be mapped correctly.

It's better to import your data in the following sequence, for better mapping and organizing each aspect of it.

  1. Organizations
  2. Contacts
  3. Deals
  4. Tasks
  5. Notes

Common Questions:

Do we import tags? All tags and labels will be imported as Tags in Revamp CRM. You'll see the same Tags on the same Contacts, Leads, Organization, and Deals. If a Tag doesn't exist inside Revamp CRM, we automatically create it for you.

How long does it take to import my data? It takes a few seconds and up to 2 minutes to import your data, depending on how large the file is. We will notify you by email when the import is done.

Who can import data into Revamp CRM? Account "Owner", "Admin", and "Manager" can import the data to Revamp CRM. a "User" cannot import or export contacts and data.

How to differentiate a Contact and a Lead? Both contacts & leads could be found under Customers tabs > People. The only difference will be in the Contact Stage inside the Contact Profile.

Can I undo the import? No, you can't. But if you imported the wrong file, you can always try filtering your contacts using our smart filtering tool or search contacts by tags and then bulk delete contacts.

After the migration:

If you're using third-party integrations with your CRM, such as Mail Chimp or Freshdesk, be prepared to change external integration settings after you've made the move to Revamp CRM to make sure all data are up-to-date.  

If you need any help to import your data, feel free to contact us: hello@revampcrm.com

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