Import Contacts, Organizations, Deals, Tasks and Notes

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In this article you will read:

Things you should know

How to import contacts

What can you change while importing

How to import Deals

How to import Tasks

How to import Notes

Things you should know:

  • It's recommended to import Contacts separately from Organizations and that you import Organizations first.

    First, import the Organizations using CSV (Organization). This ensures that the organization details are stored on the organization records.
    Then import a separate file with the Contacts with their contact details as well as a reference to the organization that they belong to using CSV (Person). As long as the Organization name corresponds (and matches exactly) with an already imported Organization they will be linked after the import.
Note: If organization name doesn't exist inside Revamp CRM, we automatically create an organization record of it and link existing contacts to

  • Contact Stage is the thing that differentiates a Customer and a Lead. That's why if you already use a different customer stage names in your files, it's better that you edit it inside Revamp CRM before the import starts.
  • When you import a CSV file, you'll need to choose whether we will Add new records, Update existing records, or Add new & update existing records.

Note: User Roles, Owner, Manager, and Admin can import CSV files. Only for a User cannot.

How to import Contacts/Organizations?

On your Menu click Quick Actions click on Import Contacts > CSV (Person) or CSV (Organization)Here is Another way to do it:

Navigate to Integrations icon on your top menu bar, scroll down until you find CSV icon. Click on it, then choose the desired file, click Import. Once you click import you will be navigated to another page to map CSV fields to match data. Or you can ignore the unmapped field click complete import once you are done.

Note: to import organization is the same way and the same steps.                                                

You will find this once you import your files, then edit them based on your needed criteria.

What can you optionally change while importing?

If you chose the file, and now on the Mapper View, then we give you the ability to configure the following aspects inside Revamp CRM before you hit the Import file button. After the configuration is done, you'll need to Refresh the page, and all changes will appear inside the Mapper View.

1) Custom Fields: Tailor data to match your business needs, track extra contact details and map additional fields using our Custom Fields Types:

2) Contact Stages: Customize your Contact Stages to match the data coming from the CSV file.

3) Merge Strategy: To eliminate duplicates, head to Settings and choose the Merge Strategy you want us to follow. 

How to import Deals?

Deals regularly come with custom deal stages, which are used to visualize sales pipeline and to estimate future revenue.

  • Head to the Integrations icon on the top menu. 
  • Scroll down till you found the Import Revamp Data
  • Click on Import Deals. This link is for a sample file. here

How to import Tasks?

  • Head to the Integrations icon on the top menu. 
  • Scroll down till you found the Import Revamp Data
  • Click on Import Tasks This link for a sample, click here 

How to import Notes?

When importing your contacts using the CSV import process you can also import notes. Map the notes column in your CSV file to ‘ add a note/history to contact’ in Revamp CRM.

Now you can import them separately:

  • Head to the Integrations icon on the top menu. 
  • Scroll down till you found the Import Revamp Data
  • Click on Import Notes. This link for a sample here

Note: we will import notes and add them to existing customers only.

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