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Lists & Reminders:

As your business grows, managing more and more customers and their data becomes a hassle. Revamp CRM makes it all easier by sorting your key relationships into different lists using a criterion of your choice. We also ensure you don’t fall out of touch with them over time by allowing you to create a reminder for each list. 

Reminders: you can set a 7 days reminder for your "Hot Leads" list, the follow-up alarm will automatically remind you to make a contact with those leads when 7 days pass without any related task completed. So when the reminder on a segment or a list hits zero, Revamp CRM will generate tasks for contacts within that list. once you complete the tasks, a reminder will reset and start over.

Lists are static groups:

Meaning that the List members will only get changed when you manually add or delete a contact from it.

Note: If you want to create a dynamic list, that gets updated automatically based on filters and criteria you've chosen, then you need to create a Segment. not a List. 

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Here's how to create a customized contacts list:

1. Navigate to the ‘ Customers’ tab in the main navigation bar at the top of the application. Click on ‘Lists’ in the drop-down menu. You will be redirected to the Lists page. Select ‘Add’, the green icon on the top left side of the screen.

2. The ‘New List’ pop-up will appear. You can choose a picture for this list from our unique avatars.

3. You can then set a follow-up reminder for each List. This way, Revamp CRM will automatically remind you to contact people on this list.

You can also add a group of customers automatically by clicking on Smart Filters and selecting a certain criteria as shown in the image below. Mark the checkboxes of the group of contacts you want to add to a list. 

Then click on the  Bulk Actions dropdown and click Add to List highlighted in the image below to add this group of contacts to the list you choose.

Another way to add customers to a list is to click on the list name in the Lists pages. Click the 'Actions' drop down and click 'Add Contact' highlighted to add customers manually. 

Move contacts from one list to another:

1- Go to the Contacts page. Click the 'Advanced Search' Button on the left of the page. Under 'Lists', select the list you want to move customers from, then choose 'Apply'.

2- Select all customers in the results pane by marking the checkbox at the top of the results.

3- Click on the 'Bulk Actions' drop down on the top and click 'Add to List'  and select the destination list to move the contacts to.

Export a list of contacts:

You can export a list of contacts by navigating to Customers > Lists > Open a List

Click on Export button

Note: "Owner", "Admin", and "Manager" are the user roles who can export a list. A "user" cannot.4

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